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How to simplify reporting with Asana

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As a team lead, sharing regular status updates and progress reports with project stakeholders and executives is all in a day’s work. That’s because reporting is an essential part of communicating impact, getting ahead of potential pitfalls, and highlighting wins. The problem is, too many team leads spend too much of their time gathering the facts and figures needed to show where work stands. According to research, the average knowledge worker spends 60% of their day on this kind of “work about work” like searching for progress updates and chasing down deliverables.

But what if there was a better way to visualize and report project data without having to manually collect and piece it all together? What if you could breeze through your weekly status reports instead of working late on a Friday afternoon? With Asana, there is. And you can. All it takes is three easy steps. 

Get started with reporting in Asana

With Status, Dashboards, and charts you’ll be visualizing work and reporting project progress in more uniquely, powerful ways in no time. Try these and other helpful work reporting and organization features for free with Asana Premium today.

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